January 4th, 2006

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Looking Forward: Goals for 2006

I have begun 2006 with an emphasis on setting (and hopefully) meeting some goals. I'm not great at resolutions and when gregmce puts up his Uberlist, I always just read in amazement. But I think this year, I'll see if I can do some successful goal-setting. The biggest has begun - yesterday I bought an exercise bike.

I love riding my bike, but in the winter, it just collects dust. And when I do ride, I don't ride enough for my legs and butt to be comfortable. So I figured an exercise bike might get me up to speed (heh). And best of all, I can meet another goal and watch DVDs while I ride. Tonight, for example, I finished "Stay Tuned" (a Tara King episode of The Avengers) while I rode for 30 minutes. Let's see if my exercise bike fares better than my treadmill. The treadmill lived the typical life of a piece of exercise equipment: 3 months of use, 3 years in the way, 3 years in the basement out of the way, sold to continue the cycle.

So, here we go, an incomplete list of goals for 2006. (I figure I'll have more goals as the year progresses.)

  • Exercise on my exercise bike (or actual bike) daily for at least 20 minutes.

  • Catch up on watching my DVD collection (see the first point).

  • Read 30 minutes a day (not including rereads).

  • Get Jack Dodger (my CoV main) up to level 40 before Issue 7 comes out.

  • Make nice dinners for myself more frequently than before. (Let's try for once a month.)

  • Return to my Portion Control regime (it really was good for me).

  • Lose 10 pounds and keep it off.

  • Get floor to ceiling bookshelves in my reading room.

There are other things I might add to this later, like "Get started on my Masters degree." However, I'm not ready to commit to them yet. :-)
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