January 1st, 2006


Merry New Year! Beef Jerky Time!

Happy New Year to all of you playing at home! Can't believe it's 2006 already. Can't believe I'm 35 already! Sheesh, I'm old enough to be president now! (elsaf assures me that I'm too honest for the role, thankfully. Just as well - I certainly wouldn't vote for me!)

I've been thinking about doing a post looking back at 2005 and perhaps I'll do it later in the day. And I might even try a looking forward post as well. I'm not a resolution kind of person, but a few goals wouldn't hurt. (I don't do resolutions mostly because I hate breaking promises - even if they're to myself. But a goal isn't a promise, it's just something you hope to accomplish.)

Our method of ringing in the new year was heading off to Elsa's parents, watching movies, and eating foodstuffs. It was a lot of fun and there were plenty of snacks. Elsa made seasame balls, pork pearl balls, and sticky rice in lotus leaves. (She enlisted me to help but I was having an off night and did more to hinder her than help. Whoops! She should have gotten judiang to help instead. Thankfully, I only permanently ruined one dish (and that wasn't my fault! The bowl just broke on me!)

The movies that we watched were Quigley, March of the Penguins, and The Polar Express. Quigley was a silly little movie about a mean SOB who dies & is sent back to Earth as a pomeranian. We had a ball MST3King it and watching the cute pom. Judi will probably be adding it to her collection. (Everyone should have a Three Kinds of Heat in their video collection, I feel.) I'd seen Penguins on Christmas day with the family and enjoyed it then and tonight as well. (I was more awake on tonight's showing.) Polar was interesting, but I don't think it'll join my collection of Holiday Must Sees.

We toasted the new year with champagne and fizzy cider (I went with the apples rather than the grapes), then packed up (dogs & all) and returned to Elsa's. And here we all sit, writing and reading our journals. Yup, even in 2006 we're still geeks.

So, once again, Happy New Year to you all! And Happy Birthday to those of you who, like me, are New Years Babies! :-)