July 28th, 2005


Venice - it doesn't smell so bad after all!

Sitting at an Internet Point in Venice while John & Mary wait outside. Only 8 of us dared to venture the autostrade to come here and 5 of us are off looking at the Doge's palace.

Not much time to write, so I'll just say so far, the trip has been brill. The trip to the seaside was a bit of a wash, but yesterday was spent in Foiana della Chiana (where the villa is) and then off to a "cooking class" near Montepulciano. The cooking class was the perhaps the biggest highlight of the trip. I made bruschetta and pici dough and rolled pici for the first time in my life. And I did a half decent job of it, too. The food was brilliant and the house was lovely. And I'd write more, but John just popped in to see how much longer I'd be.

Home soon - my kitty's been good so far, say the parental units. I miss him and will be happy to see him again, even if it means I'll miss out on the villa and the swimming pool. :-)
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