July 20th, 2004


Poetry Moment...

I've been going through my filing cabinet tonight (ostensibly to clean it out - ha!) and had to start out with my creative writing folders. I am a very nice girl and I'm going to spare you from my early Doctor Who fan fiction. Gah! I can barely read it myself. (I wonder if I'll feel the same way about my later fan fiction? Well, at least most of the later stuff I actually *finished*!)

When I was going through my poetry folder, however, I was much less embarrassed with my younger self. And I noticed something that I really hadn't noticed before. Most of the "original" documentation for my poetry were on scraps of paper and previously turned in homework and stuff. I actually used to doodle in poetry... (Yes, it wasn't all fancy print of the names "Eric Idle" or "Sylvester McCoy," though there's a fair bit of that in my doodles.) Haven't written poetry in a long time, but as with my prose writing, I really haven't been missing it.

As a kid (well, from 5th grade on) I had every intention of being a professional writer when I grew up. In addition to being a teacher, of course. (Teaching was my profession of choice since I could pronounce "profession" and maybe even before then.) The New Adventures of Doctor Who propagated this childhood desire and helped to encourage my fan fiction writing. I had fun with my fan fiction and my poetry and my other stories. I enjoy rereading a lot of it (well, the later stuff), but I just don't have the desire to write it anymore. Perhaps it will come again - we'll see. I guess I can use LiveJournal as a way to keep in with writing, even if it is "nonfiction" writing.

So anyway, on to the Poetry Moment. Under the LJ cut is a poem I wrote during my college years. I hope the formatting works in most browsers - I have a tendency to be very particular how my poetry looks as well as sounds. And the formatting of this one is very particular (even with the original). I wrote an Ode to Jabberwocky once, but I probably couldn't print it in a web page because the word "Jabberwock" must be written backwards. (I have no trouble handwriting it because I write backwards quite easily. No, I'm not demonic.)

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