February 8th, 2004


Repairing Rice...

Some while ago, I attempted a rice dish from a recipe book. However, during the course of making said dish, I made the mistake of using beef broth instead of chicken broth (long story there, too) and after the dish was said and done, it wasn't terribly good. I was talking with my sister on the phone that day and she said to freeze it and maybe it would taste better later on. Yesterday, I took the leftovers out of the freezer and decided to make the rice edible. The solution? Make fried rice.

So, after I put in my usual favorite ingredients (including some tofu that's just this side of edible) and enough soy sauce to choke a horse, I ended up with a fairly edible concoction. Go me! Even Leo liked it. (Turns out he loves tofu. Go figure.) This is the first ever fried rice I've had which has beef broth and Parmesan in it, I will admit... But I ended up with 5 portions out of it, so left overs for trina! Yay!
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