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And more Festivals...

Mom works this weekend, so yesterday it was just Dad and I checking out Fort Loramie's German Heritage Festival. The festival takes place in the park in the middle of town. Which is really more of a boulevard than a park, in my opinion. So there's not a lot of room for a big festival. No matter, this was by no means a big festival.

The festival didn't start until noon - which was a relief to us because when we drove by at 11:30am on our way to the cottage, they really didn't look like they were ready yet. But at noon, when we returned, we found a parking place with ease and got in the line for food. There was only one food area - indeed, there was only one giant tent housing the festival. Food at one end, stage at the other, 2 beer trucks on one side. (Miller Light and some German beer I'd never heard of before. Their motto is "Life's too short to drink cheap beer." Heh heh.)

Despite only being on area for food, they had quite an assortment of "traditional" German food. Dad and I got the combo plate - brat with kraut, German potato salad, cabbage roll. We also picked up an order of reuben bites - a fried cheese thing with corned beef & sauerkraut and a Thousand Island dipping sauce. And for dessert, a cream puff. (Which, alas, was filled with vanilla pudding not Bavarian cream. I like vanilla pudding & all, but I like a REAL puff with Bavarian cream.) We both had pop for beverage, not beer.

The DJ was playing polka music & the like in a rather loud volume, so dad and I didn't chat a lot. Still, despite the bland brat and the fact that I'm not a big fan of German potato salad, I enjoyed the meal. We walked to the small second tent in the "park" which was where the local museum had a display of photos and antiques. But after that, we were pretty much done with the festival. We're not big on the side activities, which this festival was known for. Beer tray races, barrel roll, etc.

Definitely the smallest festival I've ever been to. And I'm hoping that Minster's Oktoberfest will have better brats than what this festival had. (I've had 2 duds in a row so far!) It usually does - I think they've spoiled me for good brats. :-)

Next weekend, I don't think there's any festivals going, so I think I'll head off for Indian Fud. Mmmmm, Indian Fud!
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