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Curvey Wurvey!

Mom called tonight to see if I wanted to join her at Curves for a session, and I said yes. It was Wacky Wednesday, where they go around the room in the counterclockwise instead of clockwise, which helped little ol' Trina and her left-deafness. Mom was able to show me how to do the exercise machines and I could hear her. What I couldn't hear well was the recording telling us when to switch devices. Thankfully, mom and the other ladies present moved, which indicated to me to move.

On the one time (of 3) I was able to count my pulse, I found out that I was at the 80% heart-rate thingy (not entirely sure what that means, but I'll find out Saturday, I'll bet). Mom's pulse was less, but as she's older, she was also at her 80% rate.

I decided that I liked it enough. I especially like the machines. The walking in place bits was my least favorite but only cuz it wasn't as fun as playing with the machines. Actually, now that I think about it, the stretching bit at the end was my least favorite cuz it was more like the exercises I remember as a kid. But it doesn't take long to do.

I'm going to join Curves on Saturday morning. They take measurements and all that jazz, apparently. So I'll get to know what all of my measurements are (and no, I shan't be sharing them here). And it looks like I'll need to get a pair of gym shoes cuz they prefer non-street gymmies on their nice clean machines. (Don't blame 'em - they're all brand-spankin' new or look like they are.)
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