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Cornhole - the game - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Cornhole - the game
In Ohio (and probably other places), Cornhole is a popular game to play at family gatherings and other places. It's sort of like a cross between a bean-bag toss and shuffleboard. And today, my folks and I went to my Uncle Doug & Aunt Charlene's for Charlene's birthday gathering where mom & I got to play Cornhole for the first time.

What we discovered is that neither of us are good Cornhole players. The young ladies we were playing against were 10+ points ahead of us when it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Charlene and thankfully the game was forgotten. It was kind of fun to play, but considering I've never seen a game set for sale for under $75, I don't think I'll be buying one any time soon.

In other news, I'm spending my final days of summer vacation here at the Lake with my parentals. I left work on Friday at lunchtime and picked up Subway on my way to the Lake. (I drove dad's truck, not cuz my car is broke again, but because dad wanted his hip boots. Dad's comment when I arrived was "Oh! It's my favorite... truck!") The weather here is brilliant and we've been having a very nice time. And mom and I have been playing gin rummy (and I keep winning, to her annoyance).

On Monday, it's the teacher's first day at work (though I've been working all through the summer). And Wednesday is the first day for students. So it's nice to be here at the Lake and relaxing on my final summer days. :-)

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From: capriuni Date: August 19th, 2007 03:37 am (UTC) (Link)
I've never seen a game set for sale for under $75

*Toddles off to the link, to see what about this game makes it so darn expensive*

*comes back, boggling*

Seems to me, you could make your own game set for under $20 (or under $10, if you already have scrap wood for the platform).

I mean, isn't that the point?

Glad you're having a nice time...
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