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The Portion Control Project

When I was growing up, I knew many people who dieted. And I learned that when people dieted, they became cranky and when the diet was over, they gained it all back (and sometimes more). So I never wanted to go on a diet.

But last year, my mother joined Weight Watchers Online and during the year she got down to her goal weight. What's more, she's changed her lifestyle, she's exercising regularly at Curves, and is having a blast trying out new and different recipes. That has encouraged me where fad diets never could.

Lifestyle change - that's what I need. My biggest problem is that I love food. And will eat it. Usually too much of it. I need to work on portion control. So I've decided to do that. And rather than think of it as a diet, it's a project. (Hey, anything to avoid the earlier thoughts I have about dieting.) I made up an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of my weight, my water intake, my lunches & dinners, snacks, deserts, and any (currently rare) incidents of exercise. I'm going to join Curves (and go in with mom when we can go together) and if I like it, I'll get some exercise. (I think you can do it once for free.) If my Portion Control Project does work and I can change my lifestyle to include smaller portions (and hopefully lose some weight), that'll be great. If it doesn't, I might spend some money on Weight Watchers Online.

So, why am I going to try to do this? I'm still young (not yet to 33 1/3) but I am overweight (obese is the word). In order to cut down on future health problems, I'd like to change my lifestyle NOW rather than later. Who knows, maybe in a year's time, I might be down to my goal weight. But if not, I'm not going to get all depressed and binge eat until I gain everything back and then some! (At least, I *hope* not!) Wish me luck!
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