Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Westing at da Wake

(For those of you who don't speak faux baby-speak successfully, the title is Resting at the Lake.)

So yesterday I went to work for one hour to get the new account passwords printed off and update some announcements on the school website. And then I headed off to Columbus to pick judiang up from the airport. My timing was pretty good, I only had to go through the arrival loop 5 times before she popped up outside. (It's a very small loop at Columbus.)

I drove towards home with a slight detour to the Ex-Evil Puppy Mall. It's no longer the Evil Puppy Mall because the last time we were there, we discovered the pet store was no longer there. No more cute & evil Pomeranian puppies to tempt Judi. We shopped around the mall & had a snack at the Starbucks there to tide us over before supper. A stop at Best Buy and then the Bookery yielded some purchases, but then it was time to head back home.

As I turned onto my street, I saw mom sitting on her porch reading. She looked like someone ready for a pizza supper. Judi and I dropped some things off in the house, then met the parental units outside my door. We walked to the other side of town (surprising Judi that there was something of a walk) to Indians Pizza (named after our school mascot). Every ordered 10" pizzas, so we all left with leftovers. And Judi and I got waffle cones with Buckeye Ice Cream (not made of poisonous buckeye seeds, but instead modeled after the candy buckeye - peanut butter ice cream, fudge swirls, and little candy buckeyes).

The walk home was a long one, because I wanted to convince Judi that Pleasant Hill *does* have a hill. And it's a pleasant incline. Thus Pleasant Hill. But I decided to take her on the steepest part of the hill, just so she can tell there's a hill. Trouble is, we'd had a powerful frog-strangler while eating in the restaurant and the humidity, we estimated, was 176%. So here we were, walking in 90+°F with loads of humidity, down a nice slope to the river, then up a not as nice slope into town. She's only half-grudgingly admitted to there being a hill, but at least *I* know I'm not a liar even if she & elsaf suspect otherwise.

Once home, we cooled off in the central air while I finished packing (had underwear drying while I was going to the airport). Judi read Uncle Shelby's ABZ Book (highly recommended) while I got ready. Then we loaded up the car & finally headed off to the Lake.

We stayed up geeking & talking for hours after arriving (staying in the air conditioned part because the 3-season room was miserably hot & humid). Then finally went to bed.

This morning I got up and made us egg, ham & cheese bagel sandwiches for breakfast. And now Judi is FINALLY out of the bed and tearing it down so she can't go back to sleep in it. And it's only quarter til 11! Wow! (Ha ha ha! she says.)
Tags: friends, judi, lake, shopping
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