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How did *he* get into my dream???

The kitties have been especially annoying this morning, doing what they could to try and get me up at 4am. Pretty much 4am to 5am was me spent trying to sleep while Linus kneaded the bed around me. Lucy was being nice and simply sleeping on top of me. I did fall asleep around 5am and only recently awoke (again, Linus kneading the bed). And what was I dreaming about when I awoke?

Well in this dream, elsaf, judiang and I were vacationing together, as we are wont to do. But we get picked up by some security folks when we land at the airport and are driven to some unknown property. When we arrive, it's an ordinary enough house and no security folks are actually IN the house. Whose house, you ask? Why President Bush's house, of course. (!!!!) So we're there and thankfully spend more time with his wife (not sure she looked like the real Mrs Bush) and son (who looked a bit like hergrace's youngest only with short hair that's curlier).

As we did at Steph's place, we were having a birthday celebration for someone (but I don't recall who now). Rather than bake her famous cheesecake, Elsa had apparently ordered some pecan dessert thing - all very hoity toity - and had it delivered to the place. Never did get to see what it was (I think it was something in an intricately tiered thing) but I did get to eat ice cream in the dream. And spent most of my time in the dream having to play with the little kid. The final bit in the dream is all of us at the dinner table - including the Prez.

Well, actually, there was something of a follow up to it. When we were heading back home, someone was bragging about their holiday, but I had 'em pipped when I said I got to vacation with the President. He asked what that was like and my response was "Well, I still don't like him all that much, but his wife and family are pretty nice."

So, my dear psyche, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON?????

BTW, I think I've figured out why the kitties were so antsy (pun intended). I went to clean out their automatic feeder to put fresh cat food in it and found that teeny tiny ants had discovered it. ICK! Looks like I shall be buying some ant dots after work today! (The being squicked by ants is pretty much why I haven't gone back to bed. Ick!)
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