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Happy Harry Hump Day!

I decided not to attend the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Mostly because I've been sleeping fairly well of late and knew that would throw off my current pattern. So I decided to catch it today.

I worked today for about 4 hours (2.5 in the morning and 1.5 after lunch) before heading off to Piqua for the movie. Being the paranoid type, I paid the extra buck to get my ticket online just in case. Turns out for the 4:00 showing, that wasn't needed. (The 12:45 showing earlier and the 7something showing later - probably would have been advisable.) No matter, I still paid less than $6 for the flick, which works for me.

I will admit, I do prefer it when I'm the only one in the theater (as usually happens when I see movies), but it is neat sharing a movie experience with complete strangers. And, as with all good movies, I got completely caught up in Phoenix and forgot all about the other folks until we all laughed at something together. I'm quite impressed with the movie - they were pulling from a lot of material and managed to get, I think, what was needed to make a good movie. The acting was excellent and the effects were superb. I wasn't think "Wow, neat CGI!" I was thinking "Wow!!!!"

After the flick, I talked myself into having supper at Frisch's for a Big Boy platter (onion rings & baked apples) and hot fudge cake. Let's face it, I didn't have to be too convincing. And while stopped at Walmart getting supplies, I finally found some Americone Dream ice cream. Cool, will finally get to try that flavor. But not tonight!

So, it's been a good day for me. I hope you can say the same for yourselves!
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