Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Leaving on a jet plane

Actually, I'm flying on a jet plane. I'm bored while on my delayed flight back to Columbus, so I decided to get on my laptop for awhile. Who knows when I'll remember to actually upload this to LJ, if ever. If you see this, I guess I did eventually upload it.

It's 10:42pm - 37 minutes after I was supposed to land. We actually took off when we were supposed to land. It's a dark & stormy night, apparently. (Hmmm, should have used that as my title for this entry, I guess.) I'm glad they do the delays - I'd rather get home in one piece rather than scattered about in little bits.

Oooh - my ginger ale is almost here. Woot! Ginger Ale is always what I get on planes. Not sure why - guess cuz the burping helps me keep my ears unplugged.

elsaf, judiang and I got on the road this morning at 10am. There were lots of hugs & thank yous, and then we were off. We figured we had a 6 hour drive ahead of us provided we could prevent Garmin from sending us through the Holland Tunnel again. Sure, he wimpered every time we used hergrace's directions rather than the ones he wanted us to follow. But eventually he caught onto the route we wanted to go. Sort of.

We stopped at a McDonald's in Massachusetts Connecticut for lunch and to switch drivers. Once again, I was going to attempt the Connecticut-New York-New Jersey leg - this time hoping to avoid New York City. The goal was to take the Tappan Zee bridge. And despite Garmin's protests, we successfully did. Woot!

In New Jersey, we once again swapped drivers (and Judi and I got milkshakes from Burger King) Elsa drove us the rest of the way to the Philly Airport. (Mmmm, honey roasted peanuts have just been passed out. And yes, on the package it states "Produced in facility that processes peanuts and other nuts." Well duh!)

Garmin predicted us arriving before 5:30 and we certainly did. We dropped Judi off first and then Elsa and I took the car back. We tucked Garmin back in his little bag and then took the transport to the terminal. Alas, none of us were in the same gate - indeed, my gate was completely cut off from the others. Still, we texted each other for awhile before the flights took off. I'm pretty certain Judi took off nearly on time. Elsa said she was delayed. And I was definitely delayed.

My main goal when I land will be to drive safely home. It'll be around 1:30am when I arrive home. And I'll be very glad to see my kitties!

Descent time.

Ah - forgot about free wireless at the Columbus airport. Will post this now while I wait for my luggage.

Thanks girls for a WONDERFUL time! See y'all when I can!

ETA: changed Massachusetts to Connecticut - for some reason I always forget that state!
Tags: airplane, friends
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