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Chilly Fingers

My hands are cold. The rest of me is quite warm. But as I sit here at my computer (I've been here awhile) my fingers always seem to get cold. Perhaps I should wear gloves while I type, but that doesn't sound conducive to good typing. I could turn up the heat, but then the rest of the house will be too warm (central air). I could have Leo sit on my fingers while I type, but he usually doesn't like that. And tends to hit keys that I don't want him to hit. So instead, I simply type with cold fingers.

I had a nice day off today. Slept in until 9am and then Leo insisted that I get up. Watched last Friday's episode of Monk while I paid bills. Had lunch (left overs). Went into the school to show the new principal how to use his network account and Pegasus and stuff like that. The old principal was also present. After that, I went to Walmart and saw the old principal's predecessor. Weird, saw 3/5ths of the principals I've worked for today.

The rest of my afternoon has been spent playing around on the computer (as you might gather from my starting paragraph) and trying to get all of my playlists and MP3 folders sorted. Found a few albums that didn't have playlists saved, so I did those (and am listening to them now.)

Well, that's enough blather for today. I apologize to anyone reading. I promise that after January, I'll just post only when I've got something to say. (Well, maybe I'd better not promise that at all... I tend to say a lot of nothing even when I have something to say.)

Never did finish my "knock knock" joke in an earlier post, so I'll go ahead and stick it all here. (It's inspired by one of Dawn French's jokes from The Vicar of Dibley.)

Knock Knock!
Who's there?
Martha Stewart.
Martha Stewart Who?
OK, you can be on the jury...

Heh - sorry about that!
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