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Steph's Birthday

Yesterday was hergrace's birthday, so we celebrated in grand style. But before we got into all of that, we had a whole day to experience.

Once again, we had a nice leisurely start to the day. And eventually we headed off on our 4 mile walk to Baba A Louis bakery, Chester town proper, and back to the farmhouse. At Baba A Lou's we got some baked goods (surprise surprise!) I picked up a loaf of sour dough bread and a cheese & herb croissant. And as we rested outside of the Cathedral of Bread (well, that's what the place looked like) we all ate our croissants.

We headed into Chester's downtown in order to have the walk back be at a less steep incline than our walk to the bakery. The town is very quaint and quiet. We popped into a couple of stores, but didn't buy anything. We also checked out a small suspension bridge near the downtown and walked across. Then on to the town's cemetery for some perusal of very old headstones (some 18th century ones).

We then returned to the farmhouse, stopping only at Lisai's market to get some bottled water. When we returned, we all crashed and felt good about getting out on such a lovely walk. The weather was simply perfect for the walk - not hot or cold, not too sunny or too dreary. A very lovely day.

The afternoon was spent geeking and reading and relaxing. And eventually the plans were afoot for supper. Steph's father-in-law was going to grill steaks, elsaf would bake potatoes and make the salad, and all of us would eat well. Steph's mother-in-law decorated the dining room in 4th of July party favors and decorations. And with pinwheels at every seat, we had plenty to keep ourselves entertained while we ate our wonderful supper.

Once the supper dishes were cleared up, the birthday cake was brought it. The birthday cake, made on Dairy Day Monday, was an Elsa-made cheesecake. Yummy! She also made a strawberry sauce for those who aren't cheesecake purists like I am.

After desert was present time. Steph got lots of lovely gifts from her family and friends. Including several Doctor Who toys. Woohoo! The party eventually ended and folks started heading off to bed.

The girls and I stayed up to watch The Last September, a David Tennant movie that judiang gave Steph for her b-day. The movie was a bit hard to comprehend with all the people being introduced without proper introductions. And DT had a big furry caterpillar on his upper lip. So to keep the squee going, Steph put part 2 of Blackpool on for watching.

Rather than staying up til 2am, we actually filed out at fairly decent times. Elsa left at midnight, followed by me at midnight thirty and finally Judi ordered Steph to bed at one.

Today is Independence Day and our only real plans are to visit a local glass blower and watch them make beautiful glassware. Hopefully we'll get to see some fireworks tonight too!

Photos from the walk and from the party.

We've had some very sunny days here.

The folks in Vermont call this a creek, but I know it's a "crick."

More mountains (Vermont has a bunch!)

I can tell a train has been here. I can see its tracks!

Lots of scenery on the walk.

A scarecrow! I wonder if he'll come to life & attack us!

Baba A Louis - the Cathedral of Bread!

Foxglove flowers outside of the Cathedral of Bread.

Pink flowers outside of the Cathedral of Bread.

Steph's birthday!

Present Squee!
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