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The $7 post - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
The $7 post
I checked into the airport earlier today while still at judiang's. And right before we left, I checked flight info & all was good. So then I take the red line to Jackson and the blue line to O'Hare and when I arrive, I discover my flight has been cancelled. No matter, they had already booked me on the next flight to Columbus, which is at 6:35pm CDT. I decided to take advantage of O'Hare's widely advertised wi-fi. It's $6.95 for the day, so consider this my most expensive post on LJ. (I also e-mailed the folks & Judi while on this.)

Anyhoo, here's hoping my luggage and I shall be reunited in Columbus! And I get to see my kitties tonight. Yay!

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