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Why it's best to not have friends pick your LJ topic...

I decided that I wanted January to be the first month that I have an LJ entry for every day. However, tonight I'm stuck on what to write about. So, I have my friends on IRC come up with topics to write about. DrFaust suggested that I write about the Smurfista Revolution. gordon_r_d suggested "Why Chuck Austen Should Never Be Allowed To Write A Comic Again." So, here goes!

Why Chuck Austen Should Never Be Allowed To Write A Comic Again: Well, I for one am opposed to Chuck Austen (whoever the hell he is) writing comics. And I blame the Smurfista Revolution. (I had to ask Faust what Smurfista meant and he wasn't sure. Something like barista, he thought. But he didn't know what that was either. Gordon thinks it's a Mexican spice.)

Ah, I know what you're thinking, why are the Smurfistas responsible? Well, it goes like this... Chuck would be a better comic book writer if only he didn't eat spicy Smurfs. And there wouldn't be spicy Smurfs around for him to eat if it weren't for the Smurfista Revolution. (And the thought of blue food anyway... Bleh. Food shouldn't be blue. Unless it's blueberries. I wonder if Smurfs taste like blueberries - never had one myself. Smurfs that is - I love blueberries and have had lots.)

Well, the conversation on IRC has switched to scientist's laws. Almost had 'em fooled with Cole's law. (Cole's law is great with fried chicken & mashed taters.)

I think I've rambled on enough. So I'll just listen to my Sesame Street music and chat more on IRC.
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