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And more Geek Stuff

Heh - two things I forgot to mention in my last Ultra Geeky Post: I'm using VNC to remotely run my new MusicServer now that I've got all of the major work done on it. And I'm going to try and embed my Last.FM radio station in this post.

So, what's VNC? Virtual Network Computing. I use it at work a lot (it's how I can monitor student machines while they're working on computers. Embarrassed my cousin Chris one time by projecting his screen on the board during physics one day. Heh heh, yes, I am evil.) It basically lets you run another machine as if you were on it rather than on your own. It's a little sluggish in running, but for running playlists or double checking a certain service is running, it's wonderful. I use TightVNC as my program of choice. It's the program I picked at work to be the server program, however, I view multiple screens with VNCon.

Anyhoo, there ya go.

ETA: Darn LJ and their lack of Flash support... I guess if you want to listen to my Last.FM station, you'll have to take the link above. :-)
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