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Winter Storm

Like others in my friend's list, we were part of the Winter Storm that swept quite an area of the US. Thankfully, since I'm a school teacher, I had yesterday and today off. And I had fun documenting the storm with photos. :-)

Oh, if you haven't already, be sure to check out my Valentine's Day card. Linus and Lucy posed especially for it.

So, yesterday we had lots of snowing going on. I made chicken & rice soup for lunch, but since I put far too much rice in it, I wound up with very nice chicken & rice porridge. Yum! I spent the entire day indoors, except for a couple of minutes when I took some photos from my front porch. In the process of doing that, the kitties got out and Lucy hopped off the porch to investigate this "snow" thing better. I stepped down to coax her back up. And then proceeded to slip and fall onto the porch (into the thin layer of snow which had blown up that far). I now know why they call those things "slippers." Heh. I'm pretty sure that Lucy was laughing as she hopped back inside the house.

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I finished watching season 3 of Open All Hours (and now must order season 4...) I played some City of Heroes. I had leftovers for supper (from Dinner & a Movie). It was a very nice day.

Today I've been watching Columbo and trying to get caught up with grading. I'm nearly done with the physics tests, but then I've got chemistry tests and physics quizzes to grade. (The lab reports are stacking up too, but they're on the server at work, so I'll do them when I'm back in the building.) The folks and I walked up to the Post Office today, so I took some photos along the way. I took a cute photo of them outside their house so dad could send to one of his friend's in California who's been complaining about the 60­°F temperatures they've been having. Heh. Also took a photo of a neighbor's house who's off in Florida for the winter. That way they can remember why they go to Florida every winter. :-)

Anyhoo, here are some of the photos from Winter Storm 2007:

Here is a shot off the porch during the storm. It's all misty looking due to all of the snowflakes falling.

This is a similar view after the storm was over.

Lucy went out again some this morning and plopped into the same spot as yesterday. A little more snow in that space than yesterday. Silly kitty.

Getting from my doorway to the street was something. Some of those footprints are DEEP. (Up to my knees in one of 'em!)

My house in all of its glory!

Awwwww, aren't they cute?

The mound of snow after they plowed out the Post Office parking lot makes for a fun snow mountain for kids!

My street on the walk back.

Dad shoveling the walk... Actually, a neighbor had just plowed through with her snow blower (and it was a chore for her!) and dad's just following up.

This is a neat icicle that always gets formed in that tree each year. Some years it's been much bigger. But it's always pretty.

I know some of you are probably tired of snow and/or photos of snow, but for those of you who aren't, I hope you enjoyed my pictorial journal. :-)
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