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A bad time to get insomnia...

... as if there's ever a good time to get insomnia.

After a late night (for a week night) I finally did fall asleep last night. Only to wake up at 4am. And I can't sleep. The annoying this is that we're in the middle of a winter storm (9-12" of snow predicted for my area) and school is closed - SO I COULD HAVE SLEPT IN!

Gah! Insomnia, you do me wrong!

I've already read more from American Gods, watched the early morning news (they ONLY thing they're talking about is the weather), and responded to some e-mails. I'm a little worried about my mom (who has to go to work in this proto-blizzard - the joys of working for a hospital) so until I find out if she got to work OK, then I probably won't be able to sleep anyhoo. She's driven in some of the worst weather Ohio's had, so if anyone can get her safely to Troy, she can. Dad and I, being teachers, are not good "bad weather" drivers.

Hmmm, and I'm hungry, too. Thankfully, it's nearly my normal Wake Up time, so I think my stomach will be able to handle food. :-)

Well, at least I'll enjoy watching the snow when it gets light out. :-)

ETA: Mom got to work just fine, according to dad. Apparently it's not the worst she's driven in. :-) (Here's hoping she makes it home OK too!)
Tags: snow, snow day
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