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Styrofoam snow

Happy February!

Wow, I can't believe February's here. The first half of January rocketed by and the second half was nearly as fast. I'm drowning in work at work and spend my time at home doing escapist things. (Thank goodness for cats, video games, DVDs, and books!) And worst of all? We're getting very little snow!

Today, in fact, when we left work, I noticed a bit of snow in the corner of the window of dad's truck. Well, I say snow, but it looked more like Styrofoam beads! Yup, that's what's going on. They're run out of snow up there, so they're sending down Hollywood Styrofoam snow instead. Bleh!

I'm ready for Spring Break already. (Not that I'm ready for spring, I'm ready for the break part of things.) I'm so behind at work and at home (my poor bookshelves are still just a thought, not a reality) that I just need a break from work to get work done. Heh. And the weather isn't cooperating by giving us Snow Days. Tsk!

Ah well, someday I'll get caught up (or something) so I just need to keep on keeping on until then. And maybe, just maybe, the Weather Things will find some snow to send down here for a Snow Day or two.
Tags: snow, work
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