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Simian the Whale...

So, I'm listening to Rusted Root now. I think there's an umlaut in there somewhere... And the song that strikes my fancy enough to write an LJ for tonight is "Send Me On My Way." But, you see, the lead singer of Rusted Root isn't terribly good at diction. And I always thought he was singing "Simian the Whale." Very strange, naming your whale after an adjective meaning ape-like. (If I had a pet whale, I'd probably name him Tiny, just for laughs. As long as the other whales didn't make fun of him, that is.)

The 1st period chemistry class had their final today. Haven't looked at 'em yet, but no one left crying - always a positive sign. The other chemistry class and the physics class have theirs on Friday. I decided that I liked last year's physics midterm so much, I used the same thing for this year's. Now I have 2 periods yet to meet with the physics kids to teach them how to answer the multiple guess questions. (Some of these are real stinkers - but if you understand the concepts, you can answer them correctly.) Tomorrow I get to spend most of the day doing tech stuff since I only have the one period with physics. I have things I think I can get done, but knowing tech work, I'll probably end up even more behind when I'm done than when I started. That's the nature of the game.

Let's see if I have any takers:
"Knock knock!"
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