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Why don't cats get bedhead and other musings...

Today, Saturday the 13th, has been a nice lazy day. Indeed, around 2ish I had a sinus headache and decided to go take a nap. When I got to the bed, the kitties had anticipated Nap Time and were already snoozing on the bed. As soon as I got in bed, they both moved to be closer to me. Awwww.

Anyhoo, we discovered that the bed had become something of a black hole because none of us could escape for over 2 hours. No matter, we all had nice sleeps. And I don't think they were ready for getting up, but they did anyway.

It was as I was getting up that I realized that I had bedhead but the kittens didn't. They never get it. Even Leo, with his long fur, never got bedhead. Lucky cats! And it's not like they ever have to go out in public and embarrass themselves with bedhead. (Well, I wasn't going out either, so it was all moot today.)

So, have you ever had a time when two of your "fandoms" overlapped in interesting ways? There are times when City of Heroes and Doctor Who overlap. Sometimes it's just me. "So who looks at a Vortex Core Leonis and says 'this could be more sonic?'" I ponder every time I see a Sonic Vortex Core Leonis. And I want to say "Are you my mummy?" every time I see Terrance Dobbs in City of Villains.

However, yesterday I had the option to rescue the Hand of Omega. (Or rather, Hand of 0mega - a zero instead of an o.) And since there have been times when I've been asked to beat up Davros (or was that kidnap?) I think someone in CoH/CoV might have a passing knowledge of Doctor Who.

I ended up not taking the mission, however, because I hate fighting the Circle of Thorns. In hindsight, I wish I had if only to see if the Hand of 0mega looked like a big black coffin... ;-)
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