Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

And so it begins...

Now that many people are done with their Christmas, I am finally beginning mine. Sure, I've been to the extended family gatherings, but since Amy & Rachel weren't there, they don't count. However, today I drove Oop North to Detroit and am at elsaf's for a few days. We exchange gifts tomorrow and later in the week, Amy & Rachel come to Ohio for our family Christmas. So let's hear it for Christmases that last all week!

I got the Elsa's safely and on time this morning. And shortly after, I was sent off to pick up judiang from the Metro airport. Eep! But I drove there & back just fine. And I even remembered to pick up Judi!

We did a short shopping spree at Best Buy where I wasn't allowed to be where Judi was (and apparently neither was Elsa), but as I had to park the car (somewhere in the vicinity of the store - I think I was only 17 blocks away) I managed to avoid her. While in the store, I noticed I'm getting slack in my DVD collecting. Season 4 of Bewitched and the final seasons of Dangermouse are now on DVD. Looks like I know what I'll be getting myself after the new year comes!

After a bit of geeking back at the house, we headed off to supper at Sy Thai Shores restaurant. We started with the appetizer sampler - spring rolls, shrimp thingies, and crab rangoon. I had pad thai with tofu (hmmmm, couldn't think of anything original, eh trina?), Elsa got the drunken noodles, and Judi got the orange duck. For dessert, Judi and I opted for coconut ice cream (yum!) and Elsa got the Thai version of banana cake. Everything was yummy!

To top off our evening, we headed off to the Fisher Theater to see Spamalot. I bought a $20 program magically (well, Judi swears she never saw me buy it) and we found our seats. We had great seats on the mezzenine. Nicely done, Elsa! The show was funny and the songs quite entertaining. And a lucky guy in the audience got to leave with a miniature Holy Grail. Heh.

On our way back, Elsa drove by Lakeshore Drive (Chicago doesn't have the monopoly on Lakeshore drives) so we could look at the Christmas lights. Some pretty swanky houses out there with even swankier Christmas lights. If we get the gumption, tomorrow we'll go again and Judi will try to get photos.

Well, now that I'm nicely settled, Judi is insisting that I make her an amaretto sour. Such a taskmaster is our Judi...
Tags: elsa, friends, judi, theater, travel
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