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Little Miss Sunshine - trinalin thinks things through — LiveJournal
Little Miss Sunshine
Today was our first time outside since we arrived on Wednesday. Heh. (OK, so Amy & dad went out yesterday...) We got ready early in order to join Lynn & Doug at Keys Restaurant by 9:30. We walked into the joint at 9:29am. We rock. :-)

I overindulged at breakfast having 2 eggs (over easy), hashbrowns, and toast AND 2 slices of French toast. More than one person can eat, which is why I let other people share my food. There was quite a bit of sharing going on - we're the sharing family. And it was nice to have one more meal with Lynn & Doug before they returned home.

Once we'd said our farewells to Rachel's folks (back at the apartment), we sat around & discussed our day's plans. It was agreed that we'd go see Little Miss Sunshine at the Riverview theater at 7:10pm. And before that, go to the wine bar across the street from the theater. So what to do until then? Why, go shopping of course!

We started out at the Half Price Bookstore. I found Spy Muppet's License to Croak on CD-ROM for $6, so I bought it. Rachel & mom also bought some stuff while we were there. Then we headed off to Pier One so the girls could use a gift certificate on cushions for one of their chairs. They found just what they were looking for, so they bought 'em. Then a trip to the new Trader Joe's near them. I bought some Truffles for us and for Aunt Becky & the others who have been checking in on my kitties. Plus some cashews - unsalted & low salt. We also got some sushi, salsa, guacamole & tortilla chips for a light meal. Back home, we partook of these goodies. Yum!

We learned some interesting things while having our snack. First, sushi & nachoes are a good snack. :-) Second, putting wasabi & soy sauce on turkey still tastes of turkey. However, guacamole on turkey is an improvement upon the turkey. And third, cleaning up from sushi & nachoes is very fast (I did the dishes - heh!)

When it was 5pm, we moved on to the Riverview Wine Bar. They have several "flites" (samplers) that they offer for $9. Dad got the K'Syrah Shiraz flite, mom got a Riesling flite, and Rachel tried out the Chardonnay flite. Each flite has 4 wines with 2 oz samples of each. Amy tried a Victory HopDevil beer. I had water. We also got the cheese sampler - a goat cheese, a bleu cheese of some sort, an Italian cheese that resembled Swiss in appearance but not taste, and a zola (IIRC). I liked 'em all but the bleu cheese. Oh, and I made the mistake of seeing the specials board - they had creme brulee. Eep! So of course I had to get that. It was very yummy!

The Riverview theater is a second run theater with $3 evening movies (and $2 matinees). They also have reasonably priced popcorn (mom ordered us 2 GIANT Cokes and a large popcorn and it was $9). The movie playing was Little Miss Sunshine, which was riotously funny. Amy considered it good exercise, all that laughing. I agree. I'm loathe to say much about the plot because I went in knowing next to nothing and enjoyed it all the more because of that. If you want to laugh a lot and you don't mind foul language from time to time, I heartily recommend this movie.

Tomorrow, we'll probably have more grand adventures. But I shall leave you all with the lovely photo of mom in her make-up from yesterday's session. Oh yeah, and I'm in it too. Mom is the lovely woman on the left. I'm the silly woman on the right. Heh. Enjoy!

Mom & Me. Yup, that's make up on my face! Hee!

(PS, I can't imagine getting any sleep tonight - I had some of the caffeine-laden Coca Cola with the movie. Whoops!)

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hergrace From: hergrace Date: November 26th, 2006 04:44 am (UTC) (Link)
Heee! Your mom is teh glam. Pretty lady. You, my dear, need to open your eyes for your photo. The color is quite nice. Even the lipstick is a decent color (and I'm with you -- I *hate* wearing lipstick). Love the muppet shirt -- goes well with all that make-up. :-)
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