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Men in Kilts

Well, I've been waiting for kilts as costume pieces almost since I first started playing City of Heroes. I like men in kilts. I wanted super heroes with kilts (as one does). So imagine my delight when City of Heroes finally made kilts a reality - woot! It's not in the official game yet, just on the test servers, but that didn't stop me from figuring out how some of my heroes will look. Hee!

My original Scottish hero is The Dominie (yes, named after the Sylvester McCoy character from the BBV spin-off audios). An alien who arrived in Scotland some 500 years ago, he's as Scottish as they come. But as I love the color purple... Well, see for yourself:

The Dominie with kilt and full cape. I want to get him a shoulder cape instead, but they don't seem to have that worked out properly yet. Soon!

Well, one Scottish hero isn't enough, so I'm working on another Scottish hero who's tentatively broadsword/super reflexes. Currently named Finn mac Cumaill after the Irish & Scottish folk hero, that may change.

Not sure yet about the face, but I like the braided ponytail. (Yes, I also like guys with ponytails...) Unfortunately, to get the braid, you need the cap.

And I'm of the opinion that you don't have to be Scottish to wear a kilt (though it helps). So other male heroes will be given the kilt treatment when the kilts go live.

Mr. Alabaster, son of a Tsoo sorceror (Chinese?) and Carnival Illusion Mistress looks damn fine in a kilt.

And of course, Icy Hot Man, my main hero, will have to get the kilt treatment. Heh. (Orange skin with kilts certainly makes it interesting...)

Icy Hot Man in kilt - yay!

Now some of you are probably thinking "yes, men in kilts are cool, but we want REAL men in kilts!" Ah, well, you're in luck! Coinciding with the release of kilts in CoH is the release of Men in Kilts, the calendar! Jennie Breeden of The Devil's Panties cartoon fame has compiled photos of actual con-goers in their kilts when she blasted them with her leaf blower. She's made a calendar from the photos and is selling them for $5 a piece. I've ordered mine, of course!

(I should probably make a "Men in Kilts" icon or somesuch. Heh heh.)
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