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Yesterday, I invited mom over for popcorn and a movie for Sunday afternoon. So today, she came over and we popped REAL popcorn - not that microwave stuff. Thanks to Elsa's birthday gift, I now have 4 types of organically grown popcorn to try. My cheap-o sauce pan was just big enough (with some popcorn pushing up the lid and showing over the edge at the end) and the bowl which came with the popcorns was the perfect size. Mother and I marveled at the magic of popcorn - just 1/2 cup of kernels made all of that popcorn! We sprinkled on the popcorn salt and settled down on my sofa to watch a DVD. We picked Billy Elliot to watch since she'd never seen it and I haven't seen it in awhile. The popcorn (we picked Savanna Gold - with a smooth, sweet flavor) was good, the movie was good, and the company was good. Afterwards, I showed mom most of the photos that we took on our trip. (It was getting late and she had to go home before I could finish the slide show.) It was just cool using my laptop to show off the photos.

So, thanks Elsa for the fun birthday present! I'm hoping next weekend we can do this again - this time with Bend It Like Beckham and one of the other types of popcorn. :-)
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