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Light the Night 2006

Tonight, Wolfgang's Walkers and many other folks met at Fraze Pavilion to Light the Night for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Our team of six, thanks to generous donors (yay - thanks you generous donors!) managed to raise $1395! (We were tempted to toss a $5 bill in to get us to $1400, but we never actually did.) Linda, Jared's mom, is currently in remission for Lymphoma and this year she was able to join us at the walk. Yay! It was fun walking with Jared, his wife, two friends, and mom. And his mom says "Thanks!" to you who donated. The society has been so beneficial to her and she, like many others, is appreciative of the donors.

With the folks in my flist and the others that elsaf, paygem and kiri_l found, I raised $320. That allowed me to get a t-shirt *and* a sweatshirt. Both of which came in handy this chilly night. And apparently I'll get something else later, but that'll be mailed to me or something. But the real reward was seeing Jared and his mom get to walk together. There were lots of folks with Red balloons (supporters) but still a fair number of white balloons (survivors). There were free concessions - subs, pizza, bagels, pop, and ice cream. Alas, no Chipotle burritos, but we decided to get some afterward anyhoo. Heh. Despite the threat of rain, the walk was rain free and pleasant (but chilly, as mentioned earlier). It's about a 2 mile walk around the park and residential area. Linda said it was the most she'd walked since her treatment. She really had no words for the evening. It was such a nice time.

At Chipotle after, the six of us chatted and munched. No freebies tonight, but I still got 2 meals out of mine. Mmmm, leftover veggie burrito tomorrow! Yay!

If you were unable to donate earlier to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society but would still like to, you can do so. Click here to donate.
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