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My little babies are growing so fast! So much so that I keep forgetting to get pictures as they grow. I decided to rectify that by taking a few photos yesterday. The pair were in reclining mode.

The kitties recline in the gold chair.

The gold chair sits in my den. Originally that was just going to be a temporary place for it before I tried to sell it (or give it away) at a garage sale. But you know, it fits perfectly in my den and is a good place for kitties, cats, and trinas to sit.

Linus reclines.

Linus was sleeping on the chair while Lucy had moved over to the drawers beside the chair. Taking the photo of Linus woke her up, so her photo has her awake, but still relaxed.

Lucy reclines.

Aren't they so cute? And they're getting so big! Well, they'll probably never get as big as Leo, but still! My babies are growing up!

Oh, and just a reminder: Don't forget to Give from the Bottom of your Hearts to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and help support me on the Light the Night Walk! Give, give until it hurts!
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