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Labor Day Weekend

We had a lovely labor day weekend because Amy & Rachel decided to visit us. They arrived Wednesday night and we spent Saturday-Monday at the folks' cottage at the Lake. It was fun hanging with the girls and the parental units. Amy's friend Alissa (pronounced a-lEEsa) and Alissa's boyfriend Jon joined us for some of the weekend. And Aunt Becky came up some last evening for supper & card games. It was great seeing my sister & Rachel (who's practically my sister too) again and I hope they had a pleasant flight home & have a great day relaxing with Früvous (their cat) tomorrow.

I'd write more details, but I'm too sleepy (and have a cold - which started up about 4 hours before the girls were supposed to arrive on Wednesday - bleh!) so I'm off to bed. Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday!
Tags: amy & rachel, family, lake
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