Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
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Moron (er, More On) McGann

You can check out elsaf's and judiang's LJs to see how things are going in McGannland. Sounds like they're having fun. :-) (I suspect I'll be getting a fwap or two from my choice of topic...)

As for me, I've updated my Science Page. You can check it out here. I managed to combine 3 collections of science links and I think I've weeded out the dead sites. I think my brain is dead from all of that. Probably should go undecorate the house in the meantime. I'm sure Leo's ready and eager to help.

Oh, I have a new LJ icon as well. I liked the picture of Sylv so much that I needed to icon it. Dunno if the saying on it works, but hey, I was listening to Queen at the time.
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