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Books, Cats, Life is Sweet

Edward Gorey is Da Man.

Anyhoo, I've been working with my books lately, trying to get them (a) inventoried and (b) packed up so that I can figure out how I want my floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to go in the reading room. Man, I have a LOT of books. So far, I've got 427 books into my inventory. That's over 6 boxes of books. (I use the letter/legal cardboard boxes from Staples - full of books, they can still be lifted, somewhat.) I have 2 more boxes to inventory, and loads more books to pack & inventory.

I've noticed that far too many books have a different barcode than their ISBN number. This is very aggravating to someone with a nice barcode reader. I did discover, however, that the New Adventures of Doctor Who and many of the Target Doctor Who books have proper barcodes. That speeds up my inventory considerably. Roald Dahl books also tended to sport the right barcodes. Nice to know my most favorite books are nice to me. :-)

I'm curious to know how many books I'll end up with in my inventory. If I were to cross-reference them with the ones I've actually read, however... I fear it's less than 50%. Well, maybe I'll surprise myself.

One thing this has been doing is showing me some books that I'd forgotten that I had. I have many books now that I want to put on my "To Read' pile right now. I'm not actually putting them in the pile, because then I'd be killed under a huge tower of books that would fall on me when the kitties rushed into the reading room playing.

The kitties really seem to like the place and me. It's fun to watch them play. And watch them sleep. And they seem to be putting fewer scratches on me (though I resemble a pin cushion right now). They've found interesting resting places in my house. My favorite place is behind the albums. Sometimes when they sleep in the den, they get behind my stack of albums and sleep there. They also like sleeping UNDER the bed. Though at night, they sleep with me part (sometimes most) of the night.

LOL - I just went to check on them. They'd managed to shut themselves up into the bathroom. I saw that the bathroom door was closed, but after a bit, I realized that I hadn't shut it. Sure enough, I opened it and the two little kitties popped out. Silly kitties!
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