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More Cute Overdose

The kitties are finally used to my house, I believe. They're eating like birds (ie 10 times their own weight in food), they're doing their business in the litter boxes, and they're exploring every nook & cranny they can get their claws on. Yesterday was "spend as much time in the reading room as possible" day. The day before was Lucy's "hide in the pink chair" day. Today seems to be Linus's "play with the feather/ball toy for 20 minutes at a time" day. It's been quite entertaining.

Of course, I've got a couple more pictures to display. In the course of my home improvements, I intend to put floor to ceiling bookshelves in my reading room, so I'm going to need more bookends. Well, I was certainly surprised when I looked in the reading room yesterday and saw a pair of bookends I didn't even know that I had.

Linus & Lucy (or is it Lucy & Linus?) as bookends.

While exploring the reading room, Linus discovered another wonderful place to sleep. On the bottom shelf of one of my bookshelves are my collection of Elmos (except for the life-sized Elmo in the living room). They make for a wonderful place to cuddle.

Linus & the Elmos.

While the kitties were playing in the kitchen yesterday, I used my camera to video them. My camera doesn't do sound like some of the later models, but they really weren't making any sounds anyway. So I thought, "Let's try that YouTube thingy" and created an account. I uploaded the video to YouTube and now you can see the 15 second video as well.

Tonight, the parental units will get to meet their new grandcats. I think they'll be delighted by them. They are, after all, delightful! :-)
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