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And the Vet says...

No Feline Leukemia - yay!

I was afraid to get too attached to the kitties for fear they'd do the feline leukemia test on 'em and test positive. They have to put the kitties down when that happens because it is so infectious to other cats. So when I took the pair to the vet, I was a little leery. But not only did they graciously donate blood (not a peep from either of 'em), they tested negative for leukemia. Phew!

They didn't pass every test, however. Both suffer from ear mites and ringworm, but they sold me some medicine that should knock both out. He suggested to wait a week to be sure they were older than 6 weeks. Due to them being 1.4lbs apiece, the vet pegged 'em for between 6-8 weeks old, leaning towards the 6-week side of things. So officially, the babies were born on June 15th. Happy belated birthday, kitties! :-)

I had thought I might wait until after the vet visit to name them, but no, last night while judiang and I were playing City of Heroes, I finally decided on their names. I think Linus and Lucy will work out just fine for them.

Heh - the vet said they might be lethargic after the visit and the booster shot. Lucy's anything but. First she was picking on Linus, now she's playing around on the sofa next to me.

I love kitties!
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