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More Kitties

I'm liable to go overboard on kitten cuteness, so I apologize in advance. I'll try to make judicious use of LJ cuts to spare those not interested (or already OD'ing on cute).

I'm still trying to decide on names for the little ones. I call them Little Boy and Little Girl for now. The girl is the most adventurous, but also scared of noises (she doesn't like Samurai Jack playing on the TV, for instance, and ran away from the flushing toilet). The boy is a little shier, but isn't afraid of any noises. Of course, as soon as I started typing this, they came to bug me. :-)

Anyhoo, here's a photo I took of me and the kitties back when I was writing that earlier post.

The little boy is looking at the camera for once. It's usually his sister.

And here are individual photos of them.

Here's the little boy. He's got more tiger-style stripes on his back and is black with grey.

Here's the little girl. She's got darker markings on the back and has bits of brown where he has grey.

They were sleeping in an almost yin yang form earlier, so I had to take a photo of it. That's the LJ icon for this post.

Awww, I think they're worn out again. So cute!
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