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Floor & More!

Well, before I left to visit Amy & Rachel, I actually got the carpet all pulled up. So I thought I'd post a couple of pictures with it.

As you can see in this photo, the floor looks lovely for the most part. There are a few places where it's dark cuz of Leo peeing on the floor. :-(

Here's a closer shot for some more detail:

Nice looking, isn't it?

Oh yeah, about those kitties... They're here! Yay!

As a matter of fact, they're laying on my chest now & sleeping while I type. Well, the girl is figiting cuz of the noise of my keyboard, but she's just purring away.ghyofhooooo5]\9888889// LOL and then she had to investigate the keyboard.

I'll post another photo later when the kitties let me. :-)
Tags: kitties
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