Trina L Short (trinalin) wrote,
Trina L Short

Back home to the Heat

Ah, it's good to be home. I really had a great time with Amy & Rachel this weekend - no question about it - but it's always nice to get back home. I seem to have brought the hellish heat with me, unfortunately.

Yesterday was a pretty easy-going day. Rachel had to go off to work for the morning, so Amy & I had breakfast without her. Cereal, toasted sour dough roll with butter, and a peach was my breakfast. Yummy. (No, not extravagant like the rest of the weekend, but even breakfast gurus like Amy need a break sometimes.) I was very sleepy during the morning and didn't move around a lot But after my shower, I woke up. Unfortunately, I then got captured by a video game on the BBC site. As Amy said to Rachel when she got home "she just sort of disappeared." But I successfully completed it, so we all went off to lunch.

We walked out into the near 100°F weather to the New Delhi Bar & Restaurant. Mmmmm, Indian Fud! We had the buffet and enjoyed it. But then we had to walk home in the heat. Gah! Still, we managed it and then crashed. We did get the energy to play Trivial Pursuit, however. Amy whupped our butts. Heh, I came in third. Amy had made us cosmopolitans (easy on the cranberry juice cocktail) and we had those & chips and the last of the sesame sticks. Worked for me for supper. Heh.

Amy drove us to the airport, and I was there by 6:30. Everything went smoothly. So smoothly, we arrived more than half an hour before the scheduled time. Mom & Dad, thus, were a bit late in picking me up. But they arrived & took me home. Yay!

Today was back to work. And eep! There's only 2 more weeks before the place is inundated with teachers.

ETA: URL for the BBC game.
Tags: amy & rachel, home
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