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There's No Business like Snow Business

I wore my snow boots today hoping to get to walk in the snow. I bought a pair of "all weather shoes" from Land's End (though I bought them at Sears) and really haven't had a chance to "break them in" yet. It seems to be snowing a bit more now, but I doubt there will be much more than a dusting tomorrow.

We were jinxed out of getting 4 inches of snow today. Yesterday in the announcements, the home ec teacher informed everyone that in the event of a snow day, the mock wedding would be rescheduled for Friday. Well, gee, as soon as you make an announcement like that, you've scuppered any chance of there being a snow day! Tsk tsk! So we didn't have any snow on the ground today, and very little on the ground by the time I walked home from school.

Our other curse is the I-70 curse. I-70 (one of the country's east-west interstate highways) seems to be a weather line in Ohio. "People living north of I-70 should expect to see 1-2" of snow, those south should see 3-4"" etc. Well, when I lived south of I-70, it was the folks north of I-70 who seemed to get all the nice snow. Well, now that I'm living north of I-70 (again - I grew up here) the snow's gone south. *sigh* I think it's all waiting until March.

Tomorrow's Friday, so I'll probably dress casually. And wear my snow boots again. Just in case, see...
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