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Hot Cocoa

When the Christmas season was upon us, I decided that I wanted eggnog every night before bedtime. And that was a fun little tradition. And it may well have helped me sleep. So now that we're in the cold, dark, days of winter, I've decided upon a new nightly tradition. I'm going to see about having a cup of hot cocoa each night before bedtime.

Currently, I'm sipping a cup of hot peppermint cocoa, one of the 3 types of cocoa that Rachel gave me for Christmas. It's very tasty. And as with the Starbucks peppermint cocoa that I had while in MN, I'm still amazed by the cold/hot feeling you get with hot peppermint drinks. The minty flavor makes you cool, but the heat from the cocoa makes you hot. A fascinating sensation.

(Poor Leo's sitting on and jealously watching. No hot cocoa for kitties!)
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