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Playing with the Cat

One thing that I forgot to mention in yesterday's journal was about my latest Birthday present. I received a package in a plain brown wrapper in the mail. It was from my sister. It was The Muppets Monopoly! YAY!!!!!! The note explained that now I no longer had to covet my sister's Monopoly. :-) Awwwww!

So, what does one do when one lives alone with one's cat? Why, one challenges one's cat to a game, of course!

Leo picked Miss Piggy as his character piece (and are we surprised?) and so I took Kermit. Leo wanted to eat his piece, but I kept putting it back in place. I let Leo go first and rolled for him. And then he wandered off for awhile, bored. So I watched The Vicar of Dibley and played Monopoly for the pair of us. Leo returned occasionally to see how the game was progressing (and to lay down on the game board). And eventually he knocked the pieces off the board and took up residence himself. So I figured we were done for the night. Which is a shame since I was in the lead. (Leo landed himself in Jail once, poor kitty.)

Yeah, yeah, I know... I need a friend who lives nearby... ;-)
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