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Lazing @ the Lake

This has been a fun (albeit warm) weekend @ my folks cottage. We've been having a great time and eating lots of great food. So, ditto what Elsa and Judi said. (Heh heh.)

WRT (with respect to) the things we've been viewing: my easy-to-please nature & ability to turn off my brain while watching stuff means that I really enjoyed last night's Doctor Who and the X-Men movie. :-)

Also, I post for your culinary enjoyment, a photo of last night's German Meal. (Supper by elsaf, photo by dad. Oh, and dad supplied the photos for my Lake icon and judiang's new Lake icon.)

German Meal - yum!

I couldn't top that meal, but I did grill some mean steaks & veggies tonight. And Elsa bought us a sugar cream pie for dessert. Yum!
Tags: food, friends, lake
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