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Getting back to normal

So, I know you're wondering - did the restore DVD ever come in? Well, I was afraid it might not. The day after the picture tube arrived in lieu of my DVD I received a phone call from the service lady I spoke to the previous day. She said that they'd had a complaint just like mine that day! Someone else had received a picture tub instead of DVD as well! I was afraid I'd find another large box on my porch the next day. But no! The next day there was a padded envelope in my door. Yay! DVD for me!

Thursday, then, I was able to restore my computer back to Windows Media Center Edition. As soon as that was done, I installed the video card and then transferred all of my files from the SATA drive I'd copied them onto. And as soon as that was done? Yup! Time for my fix! I played City of Heroes for an hour or so and enjoyed it immensely.

Ever since then I've been tweaking the computer to get it back to where it was before (or better). I'm currently deciding on skins & desktop colors. I'd been using "Brick" from Winders Classic (we use that at school) but wanted a change. Before then, I had a Seventh Doctor color scheme (lots of red & yellow like the logo). But now I'm going with black/white/gray. I have a few skins for QCD that work with it (one even has purple on it - yay!) Now to find something for Trillian that does the same.

(Hmmm, you know, I really like tweaking my computer. I'm glad I've now got this restore disk so that I can do this all over again when things get unweildy. Heh.)
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