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Bangers & Mash

elsaf and I left Detroit this morning at 8:41am and drove to Chi town. Like we've been doing, she drove the city bits (start & end of trip) and I drove the straight bit in the middle. A stop at Taco Hell for lunch and a couple of restroom breaks weren't enough to slow us down too much. We wound up at judiang's ahead of schedule (arrived 1:15pm local time). Yay us! We didn't take any wrong turns or missed turns - we rock!

After decompressing for a bit, we walked with Judi to Howie's, a nearby coffee shop. She had lunch while Elsa & I had muffins (mmmm, chocolate & cheesecake muffin!) Back to the Grant Hotel (heh) where we played around a bit while Judi napped. (Poor dear - she actually worked today!)

When suppertime arrived, we headed off to the South Loop Local, aka Grace O'Malley's. I bought drinks (amaretto sours for me & Judi, diet Coke for our designated walker, Elsa). We all had Guinness & Irish Cheddar soup for starters & then moved onto pub grub. Elsa had shepherd's pie (peppered with actual shepherd on top). Judi and I had bangers & mash (mine without the sauteed 'shrooms, thankyouverymuch). It was yummy!

Now we're back at the ranch, Elsa watching tonight's Smallville (taped on Judi's DVR), me typing this, Judi doing - well, not sure. Anyhoo, it was a fun day and we've got a fun weekend planned. I love hanging out with my friends!
Tags: friends, vacation
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