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GIP - CoH/CoV related

Instead of cleaning house and doing other useful things this morning (hope to rectify that shortly), I've been making/improving some userpics. I've now got all 10 heroes that I regularly play (OK, so I haven't actually made one of those heroes yet, but that's what I intend for Mr Alabster to look like) into two icons (5 per). And I have my two villains in another icon.

Main Set of Heroes

These are my top 5 heroes (for now). Icy is my main with Evah & Dom in their 20s.

Second Set of Heroes

These are my smaller heroes. Some of them very small indeed.


And finally, my two villains. Jack is my main villain, but poor Chrysanthemum just hasn't been played all that much. I do prefer being a hero, which accounts for the few villains that I play.

Yup, definitely more than you wanted to know about my gaming habits. But there ya go. :-)
Tags: city of heroes, city of villains, userpics
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