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Five Senses Meme

capriuni made this meme and I think it's a good 'un. So here's my answers to it.

List five things in the real world that make your life all fluffy and sparkly -- one thing for each of the five senses.

  • Taste: Fresh baked bread - either without butter, or toasted and with butter.

  • Hearing: Sylvester McCoy's voice (yeah, yeah, I'm smitten - I've known for years).

  • Touch: Kitty! Kitty fur! Kitty tongue! Kitty!

  • Sight: Sylvester McCoy *sigh* - particularly a shot with his eyes all dark & mysterious.

  • Smell: This is a hard one to describe - I know it when I smell it. It usually happens in spring or when the windows in a house are opened for the first time in ages. It's a mix of spring scents and fresh laundry. But it's my most favorite smell and it definitely makes me all fluffy & sparkly.

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