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The Most Magical Place on Earth!

Yesterday, the girls and I spent our final hours at Disney by visiting The Magic Kingdom. But this time we were one girl short. Due to everyone wanting to leave Orlando to get back home for the upcoming work week, it looked like Steph wouldn't be able to get any stand by flights out of Orlando either the 2nd or 3rd. Rather than stay around an airport all day hoping and praying for cancellations, or paying for the room an extra night, she searched online the night before (while I was typing up my two tomes) for a rental car. She decided to drive back home (she lives closer to Florida than the rest of us) in order to get back to see her boys and her hubby that night.

So we had breakfast in the hotel again - but no buffet today. We think the hotel is having staffing problems and I guess the extra chef didn't show or something. So instead of ordering the buffet, I had the America's Favorite breakfast. 2 eggs over easy, bacon, hashbrowns, and toast. And apple juice for beverage. I broke my emergency $100 bill in paying for breakfast and then we were off to wait for the bus. Steph waited with us and there was much hugging. When the 10:05 bus arrived (at 10:10), we parted company. We hope she had a safe trip hope!

The bus dropped us off at EPCOT as usual and we headed for the monorail. Judi hadn't been on it in 31 years and was excited. We arrived at the Transportation area and as we were heading to the MK monorail, a Disney cast member directed us to the ferry which had a shorter wait time. Sure enough, the ferry was in port and it wasn't long before we were on our way to MK.

After the usual locker rental, Judi and I rushed off to Space Mountain to get Fastpass tix for it. There wasn't a wait for the fastpass machines and we were scheduled between 4:20-5:20. We then decided to book a restaurant, but Cinderella's castle was already booked. Then we tried the Crystal Palace. Their earliest booking wast 9pm, so we figured, what the hell. We booked and returned to Elsa.

But now it's breakfast time, so I'll see about updating this later.
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