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Merry Christmas!

Yay! It's Christmas today! And in our recent tradition of having nontraditional Christmases, we actually opened all of our presents last night. It was fun opening presents in the evening. For one thing, there was wine instead of coffee. Heh. It took over 2 hours to get everything opened (with occasional breaks for food & stuff). Mom was originally thinking she might have gotten more presents for Amy than anyone (an Amy Christmas), but it turns out it was a Dad Christmas after all. Yay dad! (One of the presents he got, however, was the replacement order of jumping beans from Oriental Trading. Mom said she'd had 2 boxes sent to my place with dad's presents. And I got 2 boxes one day. And didn't examine the labels all THAT well - and neither did mom. She wrapped the boxes without opening, and voila! Dad opens a box to find my jumping beans. We all laughed.)

Now, there were rumors that Santa was still going to come around last night, so we did put out our stockings. He even left 2 stockings here for the parental units. Amy will be arriving shortly to help me carry the stockings over (*wink wink*) but also to open Leo's presents for him. His lack of opposable thumbs does make it hard to open presents.

I'll probably report in more detail about the day in another post. I just wanted to get my "Merry Christmas" out before the day was over. Hope everyone reading is having a nice End to December, regardless of which holidays, if any, that you celebrate.
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