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What to do with a snow day...

  1. Sleep in

  2. Play City of Villains

  3. Watch season 2 of Bewitched

  4. Have lunch

  5. Watch that Xmas episode of Monk you keep missing (How did the USA Network know I was going to have a day off school today?)

  6. Finish Going Postal by Terry Pratchett while listening to Christmas music

  7. Have supper

  8. Play City of Villains - successfully doing the respec trial (yay!)

  9. Read LJ, write LJ, and chat on IRC while listening to Christmas music

  10. Continue rereading Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets before bed

  11. Sleep

I haven't done the last two on the list yet, but I think the rest pretty much covers my day. Snow days are so much better than days off. I mean, you always plan stuff for your day off. But you've never got plans for a snow day, cuz you never know when/if you'll get one.
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