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Happy December 1st!

I know that February is the shortest month, physically. But man, November just FLEW by. So I nominate November to be the actual shortest month of the year. Geez.

In the "OMG, I didn't think it was possible" state of things, it's now the 5th day of Advent and I've not lit one candle or read one Advent passage (trad, rad, or whatever). Shame on me. Well, at least I'm listening to Christmas music right now. How will I turn into an Elf for the season if I don't get my Adventy stuff going on?

One of the days, I might write a bit about Advent and why it's so important to me, but I've already stayed up too late and should go take a bath & get to bed. And once in bed, I can continue rereading Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone. I've decided to reread all the books while I lay in bed. I've not reread most of them, actually. But dammit, I'm having so much fun in Harry's world. It's just so cool to be joyful while reading.

Anyhoo, off to bath & bed! May you all have a fine start to December!
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