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Happy 42nd Anniversary, Doctor!

Funny, I knew it was coming soon & all, but it wasn't until I was reading my flist this morning that I realized today was the 23rd of November, and thus the anniversary of Doctor Who. Woot! Indeed, I was so oblivious this morning, I didn't even notice it had snowed until about 11:30am. I'm usually pretty zonked in the morning as it is, but this morning I went right into the den & played City of Villains for far too long. It wasn't until I took a break to get breakfast that I saw the snow in all its glory. Sweet. :-)

Leo's currently sulking because I'm not holding him. He's been in a very holdy mood lately (which is OK with me) but since I'm addicted to this computer thing here, he spends a lot of time sitting alone in his gold chair (awwww!). I have NOT been playing CoV all day, however. Nope, I've been ripping my Christmas CDs into MP3s in preparation for the holidays. I am happy that I can finally say "Good bye!" to the bloatware that is MusicMatch ("Best music player" my ass!). It turns out that MediaMonkey is doing a great job of encoding my music and not crashing my PC (which it did on my Win98 machine). With MediaMonkey for encoding & QCD for playing, I think I'm set for a MusicMatch-free system. Yay!

I had intended to be more productive today, but there ya go. Perhaps tomorrow before dinner at the Short's. (This year, my cousin Mick is hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Should be fun!) Though the folks & I might also go off to see Harry Potter tomorrow before dinner. Eh, it's my vacation, whether or not I'm productive is really up to me. :-)
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